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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 4, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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patrol, dive teams and cadaver dogs are scouring the falls and dense woods. >> this is extremely high priority for us. every hour that passes we get more and more concerned. and, the police commissioner has authorized whatever resources necessary to find miss barnes. >> reporter: that includes asking for and receiving the assistance from the fbi's crimes against children team. phylicia barnes' facebook page and computers are now being studied. in addition police served seven search and seizure warrants here at the apartment complex where she was last seen. to date, it turned up nothing. >> homicide is double crossing the ts and dotting the is from the investigation. we're going ever every single shred of evidence we have. we are interviewing everybody that has already been interviewed to make sure we didn't miss anything. >> reporter: meanwhile the family and friends of phylicia barnes both here and in north carolina can only sit back and pray. a missing poster still hangs on the apartment window where she was last seen.
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her family still holding out hope. >> keeping up the faith, hoping -- i don't know -- just hoping she's still fine. >> reporter: hoping as the hours continue to mount. into days. in northwest baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> we can tell you that city police continue searching. we will let you know the latest on this investigation both here and on-line at tonight, a murder is mystifying washington. a former white house aide to president reagan and both president bushes also an activist, has been found dead in a delaware landfill not far from his new castle home on new year's eve. police say he was last seen alive in downtown wilmington less than 24 hours before his body was found. police were back at the landfill desperately hunting for leads. >> very prominent gentleman.
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why anyone would kill him would be beyond me. >> friends say his passionas giving honor to fallen soldiers. friends say it's so sad a man so concerned about giving honor to fallen comrades apparently was afforded so little dignity in his own death. let's look at tonight's top stories. a pasadena man is behind bars after police say he shot and killed his landlord. it happened in the 7700 block of outing avenue. authorities say 40-year-old neal manning called police right after the shooting and surrendered himself. 57-year-old harry wagner died at the scene. no word yet on what led up to the shooting. the driver of that tanker truck died this morning after a crash on i-695 backed up traffic for miles. authorities say the truck hit an abandoned car sitting on the shoulder of the highway early this morning near providence and dulaney valley roads. the tanker flipped over, caught fire and hit the barrier wall.
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the the crash shut down a portion of 695 for several hours causing a huge traffic backup. more lewd video allegedly made by navy captain owen honors has surfaced. this comes after other videos came to light that included anti-gay slurs, mock homosexual behavior and repeated use of expletives. they too were allegedly made by honors. he's been permanently relieved of duty. weatherwise today, we had a decent improvement from yesterday. temperatures back in the mid-40s. and winds let up nicely, a lot of sunshine. now it changes again. cold front tonight meaning a chillier day tomorrow. let's talk about what we're seeing now. at our weathernet sites statewide. in the 30s for the most part. dundalk 37, chestertown 33. aberdeen 34 now. still a few spots near 40 over towards germantown but the wind getting a little breezy out there and the wind chill factor feeling just a little colder.
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out to the west we saw a few snow showers just north of hagerstown and cumberland earlier tonight but right now pretty much a clear evening on the way. tomorrow, sunshine early but again a cooler day with breezy conditions. maybe up to 38 or so if we're lucky by 4 had:00. we'll talk about how the rest of the week plays out and the chance of snow showers, when that happens, coming up. it's something we all like to speculate about. what does the future hold? oftentimes the prediction is a bit off. think the jetsons or george or well's book "1984". what did the experts predict our modern lives would be? john berman puts 2011 to the test. >> reporter: in some ways the future is now. you can get a robot cleaner like rosy from the jetsons and "survivor" isn't that different from "running man." but predicting the future isn't always so easy, not even for geniuses. in 1931 "the new york times"
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asked a group of the world's great thinkers to predict what life would be like in 2011. now. w.j. mayo, founder of the mayo clinic predicted our life expectancy, 59 years in 1931 would reach the biblical term of three score and 10, 70. the reality? life spentancy in the u.s. is now nearly 78. at a time when 35% of american homes were still heated by wood, willis whitney who founded the research lab at general electric predicted by 2011 you would live in an electrically heated air conditioned home. but he also added there would be an attached air car hangar. not quite. henry ford said that whatever 2011 produced it would make 1931 seem drab. well, this was the new york skyline then. now. then they had little orphan annie on the radio. we have jersey shore. sociologist william
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august burn got closest, he predicted the magic of remote control could be commonplace and the lives of women will be more like those of men spent more outside the home. in 1931 less than a quarter of women were in the labor force. now it's nearly 60%. so, what about 80 years from now? what will that be like? will we finally be able to beam like "star trek"? we might not have to. >> our mode of transportation will largely be virtual and through - people will go to each other without moving from wherever they are. >> reporter: something to think about. john berman, abc news, new york. or paris, or -- tahiti. >> i like that. prosecutors unveiled their theory about how michael jackson died. more on the launch of the case against dr. conrad murray, the man accused in his death. plus, it's time to put those new year's resolutions into motion. lucky for us technology can keep us on track.
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whether losing weight, paying debt or quitting smoking. mobile applications offer a lot of help to make sure you stick to the goals you set. which apps are worth the space on your smartphone? nicole collins found out the best apps to help you get financially fit, to get fit-fit and stay smoke-free. >> reporter: no matter what your resolution is. >> be a better father. >> do good in school. >> hot air balloon around the world. >> reporter: seems there's an app for that. if getting in shape is your goal, trainer kimberly linton say free apps are great for tracking calories in and calories out. >> everyone overestimates how much they work out and underestimates how much they eat. so having that app is in clear plint. you're wrong. >> reporter: cnet recommends calorie counter by fat secret. >> you can pick the exercises you want to do and string them together. >> reporter: if you resolved
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pay down debt. cnet recommends mint. they say it's safe and secure and gives you a big picture of your finances by compiling all your accounts in one space. >> you can see how much you're spending on food, clothing, gasoline. and figure out whether or not you're spending more than you're bringing in. >> reporter: if smoking is your vice, no app will smack the cigarette out of your hand but cnet says the live strong my quick coach app provides support and motivation. the free app quitter calculates money saved since kicking the habit. experts suggest do your research and check your user reviews. from washington, i'm nicole collins. one man is facing danger to help the animals he loves. why he's temporarily giving up his home to crash in a lion's den. it's one of the largest jackpots in history. more on the megabucks up for grabs in tonight's mega millions.
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an awful story. a 10-year-old boy in ohio was accused of killing his mother. police say it started with an argument over chores. they say the boy came out of his room with a loaded gun and shot his mother. he then ran to the neighbors for help but his mom was already dead. the 46-year-old mother ran her own home health care company that specialized in the care of the mentally challenged. tonight the 10-year-old is in a juvenile facility charged with murder. take a look at this brazen break-in. in washington state a pair of burglars struck a bowling alley in vancouver. surveillance cameras rolled as a mini van went right through the front door, backed into a cash machine several times breaking it loose. two suspects then seen loading
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it into the van. the owner of the business says the atm probably contained very little cash because the holiday weekend, but the break-in did a lot of damage, $20,000. tonight officials say massive trauma may be to blame for thousands of birds just dropping out of the sky. it happened new year's eve in arkansas. as many as 5,000 blackbirds just started raining down on homes, yards, cars, trees, everything in sight. now everyone is trying to figure out just what happened. to these birds. >> the mayor called me. got me up at 4:00 in the morning and told me he had birds falling out of the sky. >> i called the police department and told them, i was not drunk, not on drugs. she immediately said oh, you're calling about the birds. i was like, you a, yeah. >> now officials don't think they were poisoned and when large groups of birds dropped out of the sky in the past weather usually played a role but it was a calm, cool,
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nothing going, no hail, no rain. meanwhile, in nearby louisiana hundreds of dead blackbirds were found all over town yesterday afternoon. officials there are gathering evidence and hoping to compare notes with their colleagues in arkansas. a man is trying something very dramatic to raise money for his favorite animal. he's living with two lions for a month. jim jablon takes care of them and more than 100 other creatures at the wildlife rehabilitation of hernando county in florida. the facility takes in unwanted or abandoned animals that -- so no one is turned away. but the center needs money. and he hopes to raise it by living in the lion's den. >> i don't know. i'm a nut. i don't know. i pick - >> i don't believe him. i didn't think he would follow through. >> jim jablon says it takes between $50,000 and $75,000 to run the facility. that is without major medical
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expenses. he hopes the publicity that comes with his stunt will bring in donations. he's taking precautions though. there's a lockout area that he could go to if playtime gets a little too rough. can we top this weather we had today? >> i think for early january it's tough. mid-40s and sunny and no wind. that's about as good as we get in january. though it's interesting, the old record today, from back in 2000, 11 years ago, we hit 70 degrees today. >> really? >> yeah. >> not going to top that. >> bottom line is this -- a windier day tomorrow. a little windier and colder but not frigid. in the next couple of days we'll bounce back a little bit. maybe snow showers friday. not a ton though. mild changes in the pattern. >> it's january. >> it's january. outside now, pretty
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decent--looking night. roads nice and dry. that helps the commute a little bit at least. and as we look downtown, pretty quiet on the weather. 43 degrees, winds calm and barometer holding steady. i think as we go into the day tomorrow you'll notice the winds come up a little bit. today not much wind. towson elementary school, blue skies. and temperature pretty pleasant. once again mid-40s. it's about average for early january in baltimore. gwynn oak, sunshine and just a good-looking day. one last check, to germantown, a little further south, bright day. you really need the sunglasses today. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we're all clear. that should remain the case tonight, tomorrow. and well into the end of the week here, until probably at least thursday night into friday when we may see a few snow showers begin to pop from a storm offshore. right now we're looking at temperatures around 41 baltimore. dulles down toward dc 42. on the eastern shore talking 30s from easton to ocean city
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and back up through dover. winds came up a little tonight but still a pretty light breeze, these are not powerhouse gusty winds but enough to bring the wind chill down a little bit. feels like mid-30s in most spots except for charm city. tomorrow i think we're in the mid to upper 30s. so we're going to trim 7 degrees off today's temperatures. cockeysville to dundalk, 35, 37. bright sunny skies again though, bring the sunglasses, but it will be a little colder tomorrow. pylesville maybe 35 or so in northern harford county. fallston about 37. satellite trend clear tonight except for pennsylvania where they are getting snow showers, basically from harrisburg out toward pittsburghh. snow in the great lakes but nothing in the mid-atlantic now. cold air overnight. it won't be a powerful arctic blast but it will be breezier and noticeably cooler tomorrow. futurecast, we develop a
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coastal storm, keep it south. right now the track of this continues to push it offshore and although we may pick up a few snow showers on the back edge of it we're not looking for much at all up and down the east coast and northern clipper-type system may come down and provide snow showers again on friday but again that would be very light if any accumulation right now. so 24, mostly clear, seasonably cold. tonight. your 2-degree guarantee is 38. 25 tomorrow night. your 7-day forecast, again, milder by thursday. thursday night into friday, possible snow showers on and off. again light to no accumulation. this weekend looks cold. first full weekend of 2011 and we never get out of the 30s. dr. conrad murray, should he stand trial in the death of mike -- michael jackson? a los angeles county judge must decide that. he's admitted to treating jackson with a powerful
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anesthetic but was he responsible for killing the king of pop? >> reporter: a year and a half after the death of michael jackson, his mother katherine, brother jermaine and sister latoya arrived at the los angeles county courthouse. that's where a judge will decide whether the superstar's personal physician, dr. conrad murray, should stand trial for involuntary manslaughter. in their opening statement, prosecutors said murray incorrectly performed cpr, ordered the singer's personal assistant to round up medication and other items. and waited at least 21 minutes to call 911. they said jackson was already dead by the time paramedics arrived. first on the stand, the director of jackson's last tour. kenny ortega told the court six days before the pop star died he sent jackson home because he was in no condition to rehearse. ortega said "he appeared really lost, it was scary." the next day ortega said murray told him to butt out, that jackson was physically and
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emotionally fine. prosecutors have eluded to what they think the defense is going to argue. that it was not the doctor who administered that fatal dose of propofol. it was the king of pop himself. on tuesday the defense declined to give an opening statement but the doctor admitted administering propofol to help the singer sleep. murray pleaded not guilty. the highly anticipated trial attracted dozens of jackson fans. >> i want to know what everybody else wants to know. what happened? >> reporter: rashadless of what evidence is presented, like much of jackson's family they are convinced of murray's guilt. >> i want conrad murray to go to jail, period. >> reporter: diana alvear, abc news, los angeles. i'm jamie costello. coming up at 6:00, the second tragedy in less than a day for a carroll county family. it unfolds on a quiet country pond. we'll take you there coming up at 6:00. if your new year's goal is to get fit you have to keep your heart healthy. five tips to keep your ticker
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going strong. see you in steive minutes straight up at 6:00.
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looks and fits like underwear. protects like nothing else. depend®. good morning. great day. [music playing] confidence available in color. depend® colors for men. looks and fits like underwear. protects like nothing else. depend®. good morning. great day. in 41 states the nation's capital, even the u.s. virgin islands americans are lining up tonight hoping they can beat the odds and win the lottery. not just any lottery. one of the biggest jackpots in history. we're talking about $355 million. abc's tj winick spoke to some folks hoping to cash in big time. >> reporter: oh, yes, to dream. >> buy a house, help a lot of good people. >> reporter: to dream big. >> we need to retire. >> reporter: $355 million big. have you thought about it? >> no. >> reporter: so many everyone
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doesn't have a plan for the seventh largest lottery prize in u.s. history. still, the historic jackpot continues to multiply. >> you start bringing in a lot of new people. people who haven't played before. that's why these jackpots really accelerate. >> reporter: we asked richard lustig, a self-described lottery expert for a little coaching. he's won seven jackpots totaling more than $1 million. first, pick your own numbers. second, do your research. >> going on-line and making sure the set or sets of numbers you play have never come up before. that is important. >> reporter: third, pick your numbers and stick with them. >> you have to learn what numbers to play and how often to play them and so forth. >> reporter: your chances of winning, they say, increase if you buy the tickets outside of a big city but that's not the case. new york state leads the way with 23 mega millions winners and over half of those came from right here in new york city. >> it's all one giant computer system. >> reporter: so about those dreams. >> less stress, better life. >> reporter: don't be so
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sure. history is littered with lottery winners whose lives have subsequently been ruined by divorce, death, even murder. but then you're probably willing to take those odds considering many of you have already taken these. about one in 176 million. your chance of winning tonight. tj winick, abc news, new york. >> got my ticket but something tells me you will see me here tomorrow night. a unit with the baltimore city police department gets a special award for helping out a four-legged friend. that story plus wyett's full forecast coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. carroll county man dead after driving his truck straight into this pond. police tell us he waived off several attempts to save his life. i'm jamie costello with your 6:00 news. two days into the new year and this family takes two of the worst phone calls. as jeff hager reports this all happened in a n'


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